Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to Spend Your Spring Holidays? Kids' Yoga and Family Yoga!

We know what it's like when the holidays roll around - any sense of routine can go right out the window! So why not start up a new routine? Over the spring holidays (Monday, 29 Sep. through Monday, 13 Oct.), Healium is holding drop-in classes for you and your children to enjoy! Try Family Yoga or Kids' Yoga or both!

These classes have been planned specifically for your child to meet the goals of the principles and strands of Te Whariki, the New Zealand early childhood curriculum. Te Whariki means "the woven mat," which represents how the principles and strands, learning outcomes, dispositions and everything else in the child's life intertwine and are all dependent on each other.

Family Yoga (for parents and children under 5)

Like to try a yoga class you can attend with your little one? Or perhaps you'd like to attend a pregnancy class but need to bring a toddler? Then come to a Family Yoga class, where you as a busy parent get to enjoy yoga's many benefits for body and mind, along with your little children. Our sequence is specially designed to support pregnancy and postpartum, as well as make it possible for you to participate on the days when your little one needs constant body contact. At such times, we recommend that you use a sturdy baby carrier, where your baby is safely held against your body - a soft structured ergonomic carrier, a long wrap or a mei tai, with your child on your front or back.

These classes are designed to include and excite your children with an animal-based theme, to enhance bonding with your baby and support your child's development.

Our Family Yoga classes are drop-in for your convenience, though children usually become more comfortable, confident and keen to join in as they get familiar with the studio, the teacher and the sequence.

Family Yoga is held on Tuesdays at Healium, 10 to 10.45 am, and costs $15 per family per class.

Kids' Yoga (for children 3-1/2 to 6)

Our Kids' Yoga classes help young children gain confidence and body awareness, and develop relationships within a group. Each class features a sequence of yoga poses and games within the structure of a story which children have the opportunity to influence.

Kids' Yoga classes usually run for terms of five to seven weeks, but for the spring holidays they are offered as drop-in sessions.

Kids' Yoga is held on Mondays at Healium, 3.30 to 4.15 pm, and costs $10 per child per class.

Need more information? Email us at or call us on 04 499 0334.

All classes are led by educator and yoga instructor Isa Pike.

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