Thursday, November 24, 2011

WANTED: The Ultimate Nap

DESCRIPTION: Approx. 30 min. long, containing healing, energy, sound and light.

The Nap is on the loose

The Nap is most commonly known for visiting children, idlers, the sick and the elderly.

However, many brilliant minds throughout history haven prey on a daily basis to the power of the Nap. It has secretly aided many acts of greatness by such infamous individuals as John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Napoleon, Johannes Brahms, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Lance Armstrong, to name a few.

The Nap has been under investigation for many years but is still on the run.

  • NASA, while investigating the Nap, discovered that one 30 minutes long improved cognitive abilities by roughly 40 percent, leading to greater alertness, enhanced memory and clearer thinking.
  • The Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that the Nap could in fact be responsible for a 37 percent lowering of heart-related deaths.
  • Other agencies have found that levels of stress hormones are lower in those who take Naps.
  • Further evidence indicated that Rest and Relaxation caused by this Nap can actually boost one's creativity.
The Nap is most often spotted in the early afternoon, usually appearing for between 10 and 30 minutes. It seems to favor quiet settings with low light.

A REWARD has been offered for any and all who take the time to find the Nap.

1. Less stress
2. Increased alertness
3. Clearer thinking and mental acuity
4. Boost in creativity
5. Increased energy and stamina
6. Protection against heart attack
7. All-around better health

The Ultimate Nap was last seen lurking around Healium.

If you have any leads, would like help finding the Nap, or seek to join forces with bounty hunter Algernon Williams, please contact us. The greatness of the world depends on you.

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