Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yoga Posture Clinics at Healium!

Many of our long-time students are looking to deepen their understanding of the postures and deepen their practice. At the same time, our new students want greater insight into what we are doing and how they can modify our most common postures to their specific needs.

To meet this interest, we are holding a series of 10 yoga posture clinics. We'll dive deep into each posture that we commonly do in our practice, as well as a few "cousin" postures related to our main postures just for fun! Here's what we'll be studying:

Each two-hour workshop will start with an opening sequence to prepare the body to work the postures. We'll spend some time discussing the basic structure and most important elements and principles at work in each posture, and learning how to the work the posture specifically for your body - the modifications for your best alignment. Finally, we'll spend the last 45 minutes of class doing a yoga sequence that pulls together all the elements of what we workshopped!

All 10 sessions run on Saturday mornings from 9 to 11 am. You can explore all of the postures or just your favorites! Take one, five or all 10 clinics.

a. Any one clinic: $65 prepaid.
b. Any five clinics: $250 prepaid.
c. All 10 clinics: $450 prepaid.

To ensure that everyone gets lots of hands-on, individual attention, each posture clinic is limited to 15 students. Bookings and pre-payment essential.

This series is a great way to learn more about how common postures work, develop greater awareness in your body in relation to these postures, and then take these skills back into your classes to deepen your practice.

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