Monday, March 26, 2012

Chi Power

Chances are, you've heard of chi. No doubt you've experienced it, even if you haven't named it.

Whether it's written chi, qi or ki, we're talking about the ancient concept of a life force that flows through us and everything around us. When this internal energy is high and flowing freely, you feel strong, alert, vital and have a terrific sense of well-being. Everything flows.

Many cultures have described this energy and developed specific practices to cultivate it. Yoga, the martial arts, meditation, acupuncture, Reiki and so on - they all offer techniques for developing health and wellness by strengthening and channeling.

Beginning Monday, 2 April, Algernon Williams will be leading a new class at Healium designed to do just that: develop and focus your Chi Power!

Al has drawn on a rich history of healing arts to create a 45-minute class that combines conditioning exercises, martial arts - including tai chi, qi gong and karate - and moving meditation that together strengthen your body, enhance your mobility and develop your internal energy for greater health and vitality. It will help you become

  • more flexible
  • less stressed
  • more alert
  • more in tune with your true nature

The class is designed for people of any physical shape or fitness level. It is simply about starting where you are and moving forward step by step. As forms and patterns are learned the class will take on a progressive nature.

Classes run on Monday and Thursday mornings from 11:15 am to 12:00 noon. Be sure to book your class through our Ezybook page. Remember, you can use your concessions (four classes for $40, etc.) for Chi Power as well as yoga and Feldenkrais. And if you have any questions about Chi Power or any of our other offerings, contact us at!

For more information on Al Williams, visit his website at

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