Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Healium Saved THE HOBBIT

We know it's old news by the time you read this, seeing as we didn't post the blog for awhile, but it is a Very Important Story, so keep reading!

Due to some shenanigans from an Australian union in connection with a New Zealand union and apparently an unclear understanding of employment law in relation to the local entertainment industry, the Powers That Be (i.e., Warner Bros.) thought that perhaps an alternative location for Middle-earth could be found, and that filming for the two-part production of The Hobbit would be moved Elsewhere.

Many were deeply disturbed by this possibility, including a couple of American ex-pats who bought a holistic health center on Lambton Quay. But, whatever could we do?

Then, when we woke on the day of the Hobbit support rally, an idea occurred to us:

Check out the lettering on that thing!
While Sirs Jackson and Taylor could offer assurances of greatwork, and the government offered assurances of clear definitions under the law, and the unions offered assurances that there would be no "industrial trouble" during the shoot, we know that it was really our free massages that tipped the scales.

(Our little temporary Charlie Brown footpath sign even made it into the online version of the New Zealand Herald.)

In fact, it was the mere offer of free massages that made those Hollywood execs say, "Yes, indeed, this is Middle-earth."

And that is how Healium saved The Hobbit.

The End

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Jack M. said...

Also, I have a lovely bridge for sale. It's in London. Cash please. :)

Next up - Healium's part in Sauron's downfall; and how we plan to defeat Smaug the Golden.