Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Healing Journey

Today's blog is by Stewart Cameron Harris, who offers meditation, channeled guidance and energy healing, and regression hypnosis at Healium.

"We are all on our personal healing journey." These were the opening words to a talk by a healer and spiritual teacher I attended some time ago. I felt some resistance to this statement, but as he continued I found myself very much enjoying his talk. His opening words stayed with me.

Inspired, empowered, and enlivened by the incredible traditional practices coming from yoga and meditation, I had taken an attitude of self-reliance. It had been a fulfilling journey in these traditions, solid and yet experimental, challenging and yet comforting. I had a feeling of certainty, believing that countless others had walked this path before me, and had left signs and tools showing the way.

However, I had begun to be aware of a feeling of need, experiencing a plateau of sorts. It was most unexpected, and a calling that had begun was now being answered.

Almost despite myself, within a year of this talk I found myself attending a training in Shasta, California to become a reader and healer. I had been invited and gifted the travel and accommodation to travel there from Japan. It felt like a miracle.

Through my experiences training in Shasta I came to understand the value of the healing professional. Much like bringing a clear light into the shadows of a room, with help I could realise and transcend limiting aspects of myself which I had felt but been unable to understand. A profound and renewed sense of trust developed. It was heart opening, liberating, and fun, so fun.

It is an unusual experience to illuminate the shadows in our life. There is a kind of discomfort, an inner resistance, and then as clarity dawns a feeling of liberation and joy that is the like the essence of life itself.

And these shadows are ever present. At times they are strong and bring a great feeling of limitation in our life, and at other times they sit gently in the background as aspects that we'll get around to exploring at some later time. They manifest as negative thought patterns, relationship difficulties, low or unstable energy levels, physical troubles, and illness and disease in their strongest degree. Always there is interconnection between symptoms, as if life is telling us something and repeating the message when we miss it the first time.

Paramount is the inner world of the mind and the patterns of thought that constitute our beliefs, whether they are conscious or unconscious. When we are able to consciously realise the limitation of a belief and embrace a more truthful and empowering attitude for ourselves a profound shift occurs. Like moving from black and white to colour. Then the body and external environment naturally start their shift to align with our new paradigm.

The healing professional is there to assist us when we wish. With their objective point of view and expertise, they help us identify core issues, empower us in the direction of our potential, and support the emotional, energetic, and physical bodies to align and integrate.

I have come to realise this continual process of living more of our truth as the healing journey, and I now see that we are all experiencing this journey in our own unique way.

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