Monday, May 16, 2011

Recipe for Relaxation: The Therapeutic Bath

Today's blog is by Jocelyn Stringer, who offers several kinds of massage - tension-release, relaxation and deep-tissue - and Reiki at Healium.

One of the best ways to relieve tension and aches is a therapeutic bath. I mean the old-fashioned type that our grandmothers used to do!

The ingredients are inexpensive and available from the supermarket. Mix together the following ingredients:

1 cup epsom salts (magnesium sulfate)
2 tablespoons sea salt
2 tablespoons baking soda

Dissolve in a deep, warm bath and soak for an hour, if possible. The secret is to have the water warm as opposed to hot. Too hot a bath makes you feel woozy and faint when you get out, not a positive experience at all. When you get out, wrap yourself in a warm towel or robe and lie down for a half hour, or longer if you can.

Regular old saltwater works pretty well, too!
If you want to make your bath extra relaxing, add some lavender essential oil. This is available from health food shops. use a maximum of 10 drops as any more can have the reverse effect! The best way to add this oil is to mix it into 2 tablespoons of milk. The milk has to contain some level of fat, as the essential oil attaches to the fat molecules in the milk and then disperses through the water instead of floating on top - as oil does.

Don't have a bathtub? Try a footbath! Just use 3 tablespoons of the epsom salts mixture in a large bowl obtainable for around $5 from a large red store near you!

Recently, I mixed up the therapeutic bath for a friend who was overcommitted with work and so stressed and run down she ended up with the 'flu. She had the bath and felt great - her only problem was that she actually fell asleep in there. Now that is real relaxation!

So, for a deeply relaxing experience - have a bath! You may become addicted . . .

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