Monday, June 27, 2011

How Energy Healing Works

Energy healer and massage therapist Algernon Williams discusses the experience of receiving and processing energy healing. At Healium, Al offers Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, The Continuation and Intuitive Therapy.

A Hansel and Gretel Story

Let us consider that a loaf of bread is analogous to our being whole, one with spirit finding our true self. What most everybody is searching for.

As we journey through our lives we pick up crumbs of this loaf along the way, little tidbits of knowledge and insight. Every so often we gather enough crumbs to put together into a whole slice. When we form this slice we get an AH-HAA moment, a moment of growth or new understanding.

As we go through life we collect these crumbs and slices, putting them together and trying to complete our loaf of bread, our wholeness, our divinity.

Processing Our Experience

When we are touched by a healing energy we are given a basket of crumbs from which to choose. Sometimes, depending on the healing modality, the connection between the healer and client, and the client's readiness, we may take one crumb, a handful or a whole slice. On very rare occasions some have been known in an instant to see and take the entire loaf, achieving Nirvana, or Enlightenment. Most of us, however, take only a few crumbs at a time, as sudden and massive change often causes much stress.

What's the frequency, Al?
Depending on how many crumbs we already have of a particular slice in our basket at a given time, we may not feel much has changed after a healing session. When we have collected enough crumbs to finish the slice, we say "a miracle, what an amazing healer," negating the many healing sessions and moments during which we collected the individual crumbs. We may not feel much before that tipping point of completing the slice.

At other times we may take a whole slice's worth of crumbs, but then we must take them home to piece together - and it's only then that we get the AH-HAA. We often do not connect or believe that the healing had anything to do with the AH-HAA moment we got a week or a month later.

The point is, every time you have a healing you will get exactly what your body and soul want at that moment. It is YOU who decides how little or how much to take depending on your path and readiness to embrace change.

Be Patient, Be Open, Be Happy

and allow yourself to receive and take all that you desire.

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