Monday, August 29, 2011

Awakening to Freedom: Some Concepts, Pt. 2

Today Algernon Williams takes us through the remaining core concepts from his book Awakening to Freedom: A Metaphysical Approach to Life Coaching.

Belief systems

The next concept is simply that your belief systems or your definitions are nothing more than the stories you tell. As that voice in your head talks to you day in and day out, you learn to believe what it is saying. But that voice can only talk from its story of past, present and future, from its current understanding of the reflection in its mirror. To make a change in your definitions, your beliefs, your motivations, your actions and so your life all you have to do is change the story. Tell the story of what you want, not what you have or what is happening. As you tell the story of what you want and begin to believe that new story, everything in the reflection must change as well.

Knowingness through surrender

This concept is above and beyond the idea of belief. It is simple knowingness, which comes from surrender, of letting go.

Our definitions of the word "surrender" usually include the idea of loss of some sort, or a lack of control or giving up, but this is not what I am talking about.

Surrender is the letting go of the concept of who you think you're supposed to be, and actually being who you are. When you allow yourself to the idea and the experience that you are created in the image of the Infinite, you give yourself access to infinite possibilities. Physical reality, which is only a mirror, can then reflect those unlimited possibilities back to you, in the form of synchronicities as they naturally unfold in your physical day-to-day life.

Surrender is actually the acceptance of your total self, not the forsaking of yourself as society would normally think of it.

Follow your joy

This brings us to our key concept, which puts all the other concepts together, and that has to do with being your sovereign self, which is simply another way of saying "Follow your joy."

Follow your excitement to the best of your ability, because the sensation of joy, excitement or unconditional love is the frequency of the energy that represents your natural, true, core, original self. So when you are acting on circumstances and opportunities that bring the highest level of joy, the highest level of excitement, you are saying you have the faith, the trust, to take the steps to act on your true self; and in so doing your physical reality, the mirror, will support you. It has no choice but to do so.

This is how we manifest our desires, this is how we find freedom; this is how we live the life we choose.

Text © Algernon Williams 2011

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