Monday, September 12, 2011

Healer, Lover, Socialite: The Power of Flower Essences

Today's entry comes from Astrea Morgane, plant-medicine expert at Healium, who will next be available for consultations this Friday, 16 September.

If you want to take on the positive traits of the healer, lover or socialite - or all of them - look no further than the flower power of this land.

Much of my work with plant medicine centers around First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand. These essences include 36 Flowers of Transformation that can change attitudes and change lives. Essences made from the three flowers listed below focus on bringing into balance each of three attributes of the personality.

Purple Koromiko is "The Simplicity Essence" for "The Healer." This essence is for those who are called to serve in a healing capacity. It keeps things simple and efficient and allows us to get to the heart or essence of things. It is useful where we need to be objective and have peace and clarity around work, health or practical matters.

Purple Koromiko (No. 18)

Lovers Daisy is "The Love Essence" for "The Lover." It brings love and balance and allows us to relate in an empowered way. Useful for those who give away their power in relationships or those who find themselves in negative relationship patterns.

Lovers Daisy (No. 19)

Wineberry is "The Cooperation Essence" for "The Socialite." This essence assists us with our social skills and accentuates our romantic charm. It helps us to mix easily and enjoy social exchanges with others.

Wineberry (No. 20)

These three essences are also the Keynote essences for people born 12 - 22 September (Purple Koromiko), 23 September - 1 October (Lovers Daisy) and 2 - 11 October (Wineberry). Keynote essences are a great place to start for people wanting to experience the power of these flower essences They are subtle and yet so profound. People report back saying that they feel different in themselves and that they notice positive changes in how they relate to others and how others relate to them. If you'd like to enhance your capacity as a healer, lover or socialite, I encourage you to give these essences a go!

(Acknowledgement: Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber)

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