Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bioenergetics Consultations with Jan Stein

Last week we reported that Auckland-based healer Jan Stein will be offering bioenergetics consultations at Healium on Wednesday, 19 October. Here, in her words, is a bit about her healing process:

I am passionate about assisting people in their healing journey, and this is the ethos behind NES Health, a system based on bioenergetics. I work with and support my clients in a holistic manner, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. I enjoy working with the NES system because it is exciting, brilliantly accurate and liberating.

NES Health promotes "conscious well-being through energy and information," and in my experience that is exactly what we achieve. In bioenergetics we endeavor to find out what is going on at the root bioenergetic level of the human body, by peeling away the layers and providing remedies for correction. Bioenergetics identifies the information and energy lacking in cells that are not properly carrying out their function.

The process is very simple. We begin with a chat to learn about your health journey and short- and long-term goals. Then you have a body-field assessment. This is very quick and simple: you place your hand on a palm-sized scanner device and in less than a minute your scan is finished.

Then, based on the assessment, we work together to create a plan that will support your path to enhanced health. Often this includes NES Infoceuticals and NEStrition supplements that help correct your body's control system.

I recommend that clients be rescanned every four to six weeks, at which point the protocol can be refined during follow-up sessions. Between scans, however, I am available by phone, email or Skype to provide support. I wish you all the best on your journey!

Jan offers 60-minute initial consultations, as well as 30- and 45-minute follow-up sessions. For more information or to book a session, contact Healium - or email Jan at or phone 0274 741 932.

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