Monday, July 16, 2012

Services and Pricing at Healium

From time to time we are asked just what we offer at Healium and what these offerings cost. Fair questions. The latter is covered on our website, but we've opted not to post the former there simply to minimize updates to the website.

We also have two new offerings you should know about:

The 45-minute massage. This is a great option for you busy professionals who want some bodywork but also have tight schedules. In 45 minutes you'll receive a substantial treatment but still be able to get to Healium and back to your office in under an hour. All of our massage varieties are available in the 45-minute option. Of course, if you're not pressed for time, there's still the 60-minute option; and if you want to focus on just one area (say, upper back or calves), then the 30-minute massage is a great way to go.

The 30-minute private yoga lesson. This is a great option for the busy person who can't squeeze the scheduled classes into their lives or the perfect "touch up" to explore a specific posture or area of the body and take that information back into your regular classes. It's $65 for the half-hour lesson, with package rates available if you'd like to commit to a series of these lessons.

Here, then, is our current pricing scheme:

Yoga & Movement Classes (All Yoga classes + Chi Power + The Feldenkrais Method)

$12 drop-in for 45 min. or
  • 1 class per week for 4 weeks: $40;
  • 2 classes per week for 4 weeks: $72;
  • 3 classes per week for 4 weeks: $96

$100 for 60 min. | $65 for 30 min. (packages available)


$75 - initial consultation for 60 min.
$60 - follow-up session for 60 min. (ask for pricing on Qi Gong)

Breath Repatterning | Hands-on Energy Healing | Process Work

$80 for 75 min.

Massage Therapy (Deep-tissue, Pregnancy, Relaxation, Tension-release, Trigger Point Therapy, Tui Na)

$80 for 60 min. | $65 for 45 min. | $50 for 30 min.

The Feldenkrais Method - Functional Integration (One-on-One Session)

$70 for 60 min. (waged) | $60 for 60 min. (unwaged)

Flower Essences | Homeobotanical Therapy | Homeopathy | Rongoa

$80 for 60 min. | $45 for 30 min.

Intuitive Coaching

$80 for 60 min. | $65 for 45 min. | $50 for 30 min.

Prices valid 16 July 2012 until further notice.

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