Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Putting the Ice on Ice

Here at Healium we're big fans of new ideas, thinking outside the box (or square, depending on your dialect), feeling great, and moving well.

If you've been following us on Facebook, you know we're also fans of Kelly Starrett, aka Kstar, a colorful physiotherapist/movement genius/CrossFit impresario in San Francisco who's been hard at work edutaining the world about how to achieve greater mobility.

One of Kstar's recent posts over at MobilityWOD brings up a new idea we're really excited about: namely, not applying ice to an injury. If you've ever hurt yourself, you've probably iced the affected area as part of the universally promulgated RICE method. A lot of smart people have been pondering this strategy and concluded that icing is actually counterproductive to healing. Turns out the body's natural  inflammatory response has its uses.

If you want to learn about a new approach (and acronym), click here for the full shebang, or below to dive straight into the video:

P.S. Please consider adding your psychic emanations to the Jedi mind trick we are (not so) secretly pulling on the King of the Supple Leopards: that he will join us in New Zealand to spread his message of better living through responsible movement. We are the droids he is looking for.

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