Monday, August 27, 2012

Healium Yoga and Movement Evolution!

I'm so excited to announce our new classes, schedule and teachers as we head into spring! The teachers and I have been working diligently all winter, and we're so psyched to provide something new and fresh, something we've never come across before in the yoga world!

At most yoga studios one of two things typically happens: either (1) the owners determine the sequence/style for all the classes or (2) the teachers operate completely independently, teaching whatever they want. At Healium, however, the teachers have come together as a group to create consistent, cohesive sequences across all of our classes.

The really cool thing is that the teachers have a lot in common but also slightly different expertise and "takes" on the material - with the result that our new classes really just "riff" off of what we're already doing. Each class takes elements from different directions and builds on the great yoga you know and love.

And we have two more exciting developments:

  • Pilates! Starting Monday, 3 September we'll be offering Pilates mat classes twice each week.
  • Saturday Yoga! Starting 6 October we'll be offering 75-minute classes on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Mark your calendars!

So here are the new schedule and class descriptions effective Monday, 27 August:

Power Yoga and Power Yoga Basics will be as they have been so far - no changes there.

Power Yoga Elements goes into the small details of our postures and deep, intrinsic muscles by developing awareness of and support for safe mobility in the joints.

Power Yoga Dynamics emphasizes the connection between breath and movement, the flowing dynamic of Power Yoga.

Power Yoga Explorations is longer than the other classes by 30 minutes, giving us more time to explore the postures we know more deeply as well as expand into new, complementary postures to develop new strengths and flexibilities. Held the first and third Saturdays of each month, starting 6 October.

Power Yoga Theory is our special free class (formerly "Power Yoga Exploration"), also 75 minutes long, for those who have been practicing at Healium for six months or longer. Held the second Saturday of each month.

Gentle Yoga is our only yoga class without the word "Power" in its title, but don't let that fool you - it's still a deeply powerful practice! Using props, this class develops deep flexibility through supported long holds, releasing tension in muscles and joints.

Pilates. A series of mat-based exercises which cultivate beautiful posture, strength and flexibility, from the core to the extremities. Starts Monday, 3 September - watch this space for details!

Feldenkrais is a mindful practice that creates new connections between body and brain, leading to greater self-awareness and more graceful movement.

Group Private Class is a private movement class designed specifically for your organization or team.

Finally, the nitty-gritty fine print:
  • All of the classes Monday-Friday are available under the normal pricing structure ($12 drop-in and monthly concessions). This includes all 45-minute yoga classes, Pilates and Feldenkrais!
  • The Saturday Power Yoga Explorations will be held on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Drop-in rate only at $18 per class.
  • The Saturday free class, Power Yoga Theory, will continue on the second Saturday of each month, so long as we have eight or more confirmed people. Class time moves to 9.30 am. 

Coming soon: our new teachers!

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