Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Woohoo! More Yoga Evolution News!

Teacher Transition Nearly Complete! This week is the last week of the transition, with Jenifer leading most of the evening classes; and then next week the new teachers take over! But, because everyone is so busy, Jenifer will remain in the rotation to teach these classes.

Mondays will be Elissa and Elaine, with Jenifer jumping in once a month.

Tuesdays will be Trudi and Val, with Jenifer jumping in once a month.

Wednesdays will be Neva, with Jenifer jumping in - and who knows if another teacher will join us? Maybe! We'll let you know!

Thursdays will be Alanna and Elissa, with Jenifer (of course) jumping in.

Jenifer's jumping in might be because people want help, or it might be because Jenifer is a control freak, or it might be a combination of both. You decide!

Little Private Lessons. We now offer miniature, 30-minute private lessons to answer your specific questions about postures, cover a particular area of the body, or go over just about anything you want to work on specifically. This is great for developing your home practice as well as gaining a bit more insight into what, specifically, you need to do in classes to get the results you want! These lessons cost $65 each for the half hour.

Personalized Sequences! Jenifer has just started this process of creating personalized sequences for clients. It starts with a single, hour-long private lesson to discuss your interests and special needs. Jenifer then makes a video of your customized sequence, complete with the proper modifications and prop use, and delivers it to you digitally via Drop Box (a super-easy Internet cloud thingy). You then return once a month to fine-tine your practice (ask questions, get alignment tips, etc.). If you want more videos to progress from those, then we'll make one!

Initial cost is $255, which includes:

  • One 1-hour private lesson to get started;
  • two half-hour private lessons to continue your process;
  • 20 minutes of personalized yoga sequencing (just for you - which could be two 10-minute sequences, one 20-minute sequence, four 5-minute sequences . . . anything that adds up to 20 total minutes
  • Email consultations: ask Jenifer questions at any time!

If you want more videos after that initial series, then it's $30 for the new video (to cover filming, editing, and distributing), and then $65 for ongoing private lessons. Each video requires at least three months of half-hour private lessons so we can work together on the progressive nature of yoga!

Housekeeping! We have four work-study spaces available. All you have to do is help tidy the room after the 1.15 pm or 5.30 pm classes. This involves straightening and spraying out mats and vacuuming the floor. It takes about 10-15 minutes, and you get that class for FREE! Holler if you're interested!

New Booking System! We have just started the transition to MINDBODY! It should take about a month to complete the transition, and we'll notify you when the new system is ready to roll. Most of you will have your information transferred (securely) to this new system. Click the link above to see how easy it is to use.

Our class concessions will be managed through the booking system, with reminders of when your last class is up - *and* we are also looking into online payment and auto-debit payment for a totally new membership option. We will keep you completely updated in our progress in this area . . . it's just like yoga: slow and steady!

That's pretty much everything until Jenifer thinks of something else to tell you! Here's a song by Kermit just because it's enjoyable:

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