Monday, September 24, 2012

Awesome Yoga Announcements!

There are always cool things happening at Healium with our Yoga and Movement program.

New Teachers! As you already know, we have a whole bunch of *new* teachers joining us at the studio! We've had bios from Alanna, Sylvia, Val, Neva and Jenifer (that's me), and we have more little five-question interviews coming from Trudi, Elissa, Oli and two other new teachers who are joining us - Elaine and Maggie! Be on the lookout for these fun blogs, and swing by to meet the new teachers in the evening yoga classes, Sylvia in Pilates at 11.15 am on Mondays and Thursdays, and Oli in Feldenkrais at 12.15 on Thursdays.

Congratulations to Val! Val got an awesome new job! Of course, this job has a meeting every day at 11.30, which means that Val won't be able to teach the Tuesday/Friday 11.15 am Gentle Yoga classes. Why didn't the job check with us first before settling their standing meeting?!

So, starting in October, Jenifer (that's me), will be taking on the Gentle classes! These classes will change a bit in flavor. It's a gentle class, but we'll focus on long, supported holds of floor postures using our props. This will stimulate connective tissues, releasing tension in the muscles and joints, and developing safe, stable flexibility.

Saturday Classes Start in October! On the first and third Saturdays of the month, Elissa and Jenifer (me again!) will be teaching the Saturday class: Yoga Explorations. This 75-minute class will be tons of fun, exploring more postures than in our shorter sequences! It's an $18 drop-in only and starts at 9.30 am!

FREE Power Yoga Theory Class! Our next free Power Yoga Theory class - for students who have been coming six months or longer - is on Saturday, 13 October at 9.30 am. We'll be going through the whole sun salutation sequence, providing clear instruction on the vinyasa (flowing sequence of postures) as well as modifications to make the sequence work for your body! This class is also 75 minutes. We need as least eight of you to hold the class, so let me know if you want on the list!

First-ever Healium Yoga Workshop: Feel-Good Hamstrings! Due to popular demand, we will have our first-ever yoga workshop on Saturday, 27 October from 9.30 am to 12 noon! We'll study the basic structure of the hamstrings, discuss what makes the hamstrings tight, and learn the proper alignment of the body that helps both strengthen and stretch the hamstrings effectively. We'll finish up this discussion with a great, 75-minute class that emphasizes the hamstrings, and also have a another 20 minutes for Q&A! Cost for this 2.5-hour workshop is $40 if you register by 1 October; $45 if you register later.

Space is limited to 15 participants, and several people have already signed up - so register early to get your spot!

See you in class!

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