Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meet the Teacher: Neva Poletti

Joining us today for our "Five Questions" series is yoga teacher Neva Poletti. You'll find her leading Power Yoga Elements on Wednesday evenings at 5.30 pm.

1. What is your favorite thing about yoga?

Connection. That it takes us into a humble internal space where all our external concerns melt away into insignificance, and reminds us of our essential connection with nature and all humanity.

2. What is your favorite yoga pose?

Each yoga asana (pose) serves us with a different emotional and physical perspective, energy, strength or healing quality, so I have no preferred individual asana - they all complement, explain or support each other to create a whole. However, if I had to choose I'd be tricky and say tadasana (mountain pose) - as this posture signals that a yoga asana practice is about to begin . . .

3. What is your favorite thing to teach?

1. Trust, in that our greatest teacher is found within. 2. Acceptance, of ourselves, and of those around us.

4. What is your favorite posture to teach?

I most enjoy teaching how to connect the breath and mind to each posture, discovering how there is no "final arrival" into a posture, as each can be permitted to organically grow and deepen with micro-adjustments of the breath, mind and body. I also enjoy teaching the techniques of flow between each asana, how beautifully natural and seamless transitions between asana can become.

5. What is your favorite thing to do other than practice and teach yoga?

Anything relating to my passion to observe the details around me. I'm a nature lover, so a walk in the bush or on the coast - noting wildlife and nature's shapes, sounds and colors - lifts my spirits and evokes the child in me. Watching foreign films with insightful reflections on humanity, or meaty documentaries. Cooking, as the best meals are always home-made with fresh ingredients and a whole lot of love.

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