Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ground Control to Major Tom: Process Work with Martyn Cook

What do you transmit? Do you nourish and encourage other people, by being yourself? Does your body feel alert, relaxed and in tune with life? Or are you weighed down with difficulties? Process work brings awareness to our blockages and restores our natural radiance.

Human beings are powerful transmitters of energy and information. The human heart, which longs for connection and relationship, radiates powerful waves which can be measured on instruments. But the most delicate receiver is another human being. Subconsciously we exchange subtle vibrations with other beings all the time.

Most of what I transmit is unconscious. If I am sad or upset, then my facial expression, physical gestures, body posture and way of walking will automatically transmit "sadness." I can only stop this with effort - putting on a false mask. But this effort is wearying - and the falseness is obvious to everyone.

Your response to my transmission could be empathy or kindness - or scorn, disgust, annoyance. What is evoked in you depends on what is alive in you in the moment, and your habitual response patterns. If your own heart has become closed because of pain or hurt, then you may not have the inner resources to meet my need for loving attention.

Process work is a way of bringing to consciousness all those unresolved issues from our past - that clog up and distort the clarity of what we transmit. They also affect what we are capable of receiving - if your radio is not tuned exactly to the station then you will not hear the music!

Martyn Cook is a trained process facilitator, and works with clients to identify and release impediments to the free and easy flow of the life force. To learn more, visit his website at

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