Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coaching for Awakening with Algernon Williams

If you finish a series of coaching sessions and say, "I did all the work; he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know," then I've done a good job. And so have you. Making a permanent change in our lives requires only that we release the outdated beliefs we hold in our mind, physical body and energy field.

As a life coach, my job is to create a safe space in which you can find your own answers. If I give you answers they are only stories, and I become yet another person telling you what you should or should not do. When you find them for yourself they become part of you.

Unlike most coaching, which is brain/mind-based, Coaching for Awakening works with the mind, body and spirit together to facilitate the desired changes. This approach encompasses many different aspects of learning, understanding and treatment. As your coach, I create a safe environment where you can feel free enough to dig deep to find the answers you are looking for. I nudge and encourage where needed, and then with energy work we integrate those new ideas, so that they become part of your new reality.

Coaching for Awakening could be for you if you've had

  • something in the back of your mind that you knew you should do but somehow never did; or
  • a habit that you were unable to break no matter how hard you tried; or
  • a memory that kept haunting you or kept you small.

All of these things can change. You can determine who you want to be and, step by step, eliminate the barriers and create new qualities of your choosing; allowing you to cope with all that life throws at you in a calmer, more centered manner. You become more readily proactive rather than reactive, able to make choices that are sound and true to who you really are and who you have chosen to be.

Algernon Williams, founder of Awakening Wellness, is a respected life coach, massage therapist and karate sensei. His Coaching for Awakening is conducted in a series of 4, 6 or 10 sessions. For more information, visit Al's website at