Monday, October 1, 2012

Meet the Teacher: Elissa Jordan

Today's episode of "Five Questions" features yoga teacher Elissa Jordan, her favourite things and Canadian spelling. Elissa teaches Power Yoga Elements (Mondays at 5.30 pm) and Power Yoga Dynamics (Thursdays at 5.30 pm).

1. What is your favourite thing about yoga?

Without yoga I live at the polar ends of life's spectrum: too much/too little, too fast/too slow, too high/too low. Yoga brings me right to where I need to be.

2. What is your favourite yoga pose?

At the moment? Supported supta bhadda konasana. Aka bound angle pose on a bolster.

3. What is your favourite thing to teach?

Attitude. For example: don't take yourself or your yoga too seriously. Laugh a little. Especially when you fall down, especially when it's not going the way you think it should.

4. What is your favourite posture to teach?

Down dog. NO, no, forward bends. Which, technically - down dog is a forward bend. So, right - forward bends, final answer.

5. What is your favourite thing to do other than practice and teach yoga?

Cycle. Or read (anything I can get my hands on), write (not as much as I should), watch movies (from rom-coms to the NZFF, but nothing scary), travel (over 40 countries so far), run (a few 1/2 marathons), walk (long walks, like the Heaphy track or Abel Tasman and the like), drink tea (lots of tea), drink wine (mostly New Zealand wine), bake cookies and cakes (they turn out well so long as I follow the recipe), write for my wine blog (read it at, cycle some more (all about the cycling), eat out in Wellington's amazing restaurant scene (om nom nom), watch LOLs with my love (and eat chocolate). Oh, and cycle.

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