Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Postural Patterning, Level 1: A Workshop with Nik Curry

We at Healium are very excited to offer a special postural patterning workshop with Nik Curry. Here's why: the first time I met Nik I had just emerged from a blissful relaxation massage - a rare treat, actually - and this fellow introduced himself and then, after a mutual exchange of pleasantries, proceeded to enumerate a comprehensive inventory of my postural issues.

For an athlete recovering from multiple injuries, this was exciting stuff. In fact, within a matter of minutes Nik had read my body like a book. He could tell just by observing how I stood, walked, and carried myself what was going on with me - my injuries, my history, asymmetries, strengths and weaknesses - in short, my experience of my body. Nik had identified my postural patterns.

Then, after conducting several simple tests, he was able to provide with me with some cues to follow: hold my elbow like this, rotate my wrist like that, and so on. These were my personal keys in achieving ideal positioning . . . and in time would play a significant role in my healing.

We all have postural patterns, strategies we pick up from an early age. Over time, these strategies may no longer support us - literally. Think of these adaptations as physical coping mechanisms. We hurt our knee, so we take up the slack on the other side of the body. This might work in the short term, but over time such a strategy may well lead to dysfunction and breakdown elsewhere - in places other than the original injury. You know how that goes.

I like to joke that it was only after working with Nik that I actually learned how to walk. I'm excited for all of you who will get to experience Nik's work for the first time, and who will see firsthand why we call him "the posture wizard." This workshop is designed for people who do yoga, and it's great for athletes and others interested in learning how to move - and live - better. I'll see you there! - Ryan

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Workshop details

Postural Patterning helps you achieve awareness and balance within your body. The level-one workshop is a 10-hour practical course over two days that combines postural concepts and yoga positioning with connected "power posture" in the center ideal.

The workshop is dynamic and hands-on, and you'll learn how to:

  • see and understand your own postural pattern.
  • achieve postural balance and find your personal keys in achieving the ideal.
  • connect the links between posture and movement.
  • find your physical self.

This exclusive training event includes course notes, demonstrations and heaps of interactive learning. Limited to 15 students - so get in quick!

Where: Healium.

When: Saturday, 25 May and Sunday, 26 May, 11 am to 4.30 pm each day.

How Much: $175 prepaid. To register or learn more, call Nik Curry on 04 905 4151 or email him at curry.nik@gmail.com. 

What: Postural Patterning, Level 1.

Who: Nik Curry. He's been working with people's wellness through the physical body for over 30 years as a physiotherapist in teaching hospitals, in private practice here and abroad and as a patient himself. His passion is creating self-awareness of the bodies we live in, providing a means of ownership for our wellness and an understanding of the language of the body. For more information, visit Nik online at www.posturalpatterning.com

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