Tuesday, June 4, 2013

He's Back! Nik Curry's Postural Patterning, Level 1 Workshop Returns to Healium

If you missed it last time, fear not! Nik Curry is offering another session of his Postural Patterning, Level 1 Workshop at Healium in just a few weeks' time. See below for details, and click here for my take on Nik's work. - Ryan

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Workshop details

Postural Patterning helps you achieve awareness and balance within your body. The level-one workshop is a four-hour practical course that combines postural concepts and yoga positioning with connected "power posture" in the center ideal.

The workshop is dynamic and hands-on, and you'll learn how to:

  • see and understand your own postural pattern.
  • achieve postural balance and find your personal keys in achieving the ideal.
  • connect the links between posture and movement.
  • find your physical self.

This exclusive training event includes course notes, demonstrations and heaps of interactive learning. Limited to 15 students - so get in quick!

Where: Healium.

When: Saturday, 29 June, 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.

How Much: $100 prepaid. To register or learn more, call Nik Curry on 04 905 4151 or email him at curry.nik@gmail.com. 

What: Postural Patterning, Level 1.

Who: Nik Curry. He's been working with people's wellness through the physical body for over 30 years as a physiotherapist in teaching hospitals, in private practice here and abroad and as a patient himself. His passion is creating self-awareness of the bodies we live in, providing a means of ownership for our wellness and an understanding of the language of the body. For more information, visit Nik online at www.posturalpatterning.com

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