Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Befriending Fear

We have been afraid of fear, we live with fear, we try to conquer fear, but how many of us try to befriend fear? If you were to treat fear like a friend, you would begin to understand it and ultimately get more out of it.

Fear is your natural true vibration filtered through a belief system that is out of tune with your true, core self. Love is your natural vibration filtered through a belief system that is in alignment with your natural, true, core self. Your range of emotions - from excitement, love and joy to depression, disempowerment and fear - is there to tell you at any moment how close or far you are from your true, core self.

An analogy would be playing a piano. If you are playing your piano and you are enjoying the music, then suddenly come across a sour note - "plunk" - do you run away in panic, screaming " I shall never touch my piano again"? No. You say, "I need to tune the piano" so that the key becomes harmonious with all the other keys.

Each piano key is like a definition, a belief. When you come across one that gives you the sensation of fear, all that's telling you is to pay attention: you have a belief in this area of your life that is out of alignment with the whole of your life. Fine-tune it, bring it back into harmony, explore it and don't run away. Ask yourself what you would have to do tune it. How would you have to redefine it? How would you have to adjust this string in order to bring the piano back into tune, into alignment? Play with it little by little, until finally it's back.

There is a paradox here, and paradox is a very powerful tool. When you make a friend of your fear, when you know your fear is there to tell you something you want to know, you will invite it in. And miraculously, instantly, your fear will vanish. Because you will have transformed it into, first, curiosity - "What could this mean?" - and then into joy, by being willing to explore what it means for you.

That is how you use fear. Fear is just a knock at the door saying to pay attention here: this is something you want to know about yourself, this is something you need to know to integrate within yourself, to become more of who you are.

And wouldn't that be fun?

Today's blog is an excerpt from Algernon Williams's book, Awakening to Freedom: A Metaphysical Approach to Life Coaching. Earlier installments are available here and here. Algernon will be offering a two-day workshop, Healing With Energy, this weekend at Healium. Click here for details.

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